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the Subject of the budget law

the Auditors organize the inventory of the material values, check the condition of material and clothing warehouses, produce calculations, weighing and measuring of inventory located in warehouses, control measurements on the construction etc d .At the time of implementation of audit are divided into scheduled and unscheduled repairs apartments. Basically audits are planned.For the audit shall be notified in advance of the heads to be inspected enterprises or institutions. If necessary, conducted and unscheduled audits if complaints are received, signals about violations of financial discipline, requiring immediate inspection/Unscheduled audit can be carried out by various Supervisory bodies, discussed more fully informed.In the examined period of activity of the audit are divided into frontal and selective. In a frontal (full) audit checks all financial activities of the entity over a specified period. Selective (partial) audit is an audit of the financial activity only for a short period of time, which can be verified through the sst program for cluzeau menedzher otpravki soobshhenij v internete - messages.
volume of audit activities the audit are divided into comprehensive, in which it checks the financial activities of the subject in various fields, take part in them at the same time the auditors of several organs; and thematic, which are reduced to the examination of any one sphere of financial activity (e.g., correctness of calculation of taxes).
4. What does the principle of a balanced budget?
the principle of the balanced budget kvartiry posutochno novosibirsk that the amount of budgeted expenses must correspond to the total volume of budget revenues and receipts from sources of deficit financing. In the preparation, approval and execution of the budget of the competent bodies shall proceed from the need to minimize the size of the budget deficit (article 33 of the RF budget code).
5. What public relations are the subject of the budget law?
the Subject of the budget law are the social relations regarding the creation, distribution and use of budgets, as well as state and local (municipal) funds, which together are referred to as fiscal relations. Thus, the fiscal relationship are complex and can be subdivided into the following types. Public relations in the areas of: the formation of the Federal budget; the formation of the budget of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation; the local budget; the formation of state and local budget funds; distribution of funds from the Federal budget hotels in or gostinicy v novosibirske jekonom klassa in accordance with the Treaty on hotel rooms of economy class; distribution of budget funds of the Federation; distribution of local budget; allocation of state and local budget funds; the use of Federal funds; use of funds of the budget of the Federal subject; use of funds of the local budget; use of funds of state and local budget funds; emerging during the budget process; arising in the process of budgetary control; arising in the process of bringing to responsibility for violation of legislation in the public sector.
After reviewing the Budget code of the Russian Federation, determine what the economic classification of expenses of budgets. What kinds of expenses allocated in expenses of the Federal budget according to their economic content?
In accordance with article 6 of the RF budget code, the budget expenses for the organization kvartirnoe bjuro novosibirsk is paid from budget funds, except funds which under this Code the sources of financing the budget deficit.Economic classification of costs of budgets — grouping of expenses of budgets of all levels according to their economic content. It includes current and capital expenditure. It's compiled estimates of budgetary institutions.Grouping of budget expenditures on current and capital set economic classification of expenses of budgets of the Russian Federation.
7. On the basis of the Budget code of the Russian Federation, list the main stages of budget execution for expenses
expense budgets are executed within the actual availability of budgetary funds for the maintenance kvartira na sutki v novosibirske budget in compliance with binding consistently implemented procedures for the authorization and funding. Therefore, the main stages of the authorization in the execution of budget expenditures are:1) preparation and approval of the budget list;
2) approval and notification notification about an average budget-the allocation to administrators and recipients of budgetary funds, as well as the approval of estimates of income and expenditure of the budgetary funds and budgetary institutions;
3) approval and notification of notification of limits of budgetary obligations to administrators and recipients of budget funds;
4) the adoption of financial obligations by recipients of budgetary funds;
5) confirmation and reconciliation of performance of monetary obligations.
Based on the norms of the Budget code of the Russian Federation, give the definition of "institution". Specify the direction of budgetary funds of budget institutions and The concept of "institution" is given in the article. 161 of the Budget Code of the Demyansk poselok, Budgetary institution – it is an organization created by the state authorities of the Russian Federation, bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation, bodies of local self-government to implement managerial, social-cultural, scientific, technical or other functions of noncommercial nature, which activity is financed from the corresponding budget or the budget of the state off-budget Fund on the basis of income and expenses.Organizations with state or municipal property on the right of operational management, not having the status of a Federal state enterprise, for the purposes of the RF budget code budget recognized institutions.
the budget of incomes and costs orgnization shooting ulicy novosibirska fotografii should reflect all revenues of budgetary institutions, received from the budget and state extra-budgetary funds, and from entrepreneurial activities, including income from provision of paid services and other incomes derived from the use of state or municipal property assigned to the budget Agency for the operational management, and other activities. When reducing the authorized state bodies in the established order of the corresponding budget funds, specially earmarked for the financing of contracts a budgetary institution, budgetary institution and the other party of such a Treaty needs to negotiate new terms, if necessary and other terms of the contract. The Contracting party is entitled to request from budget companies only reimbursement of actual damage caused by the change of the terms of the agreement.